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XWIN ICO: Days Left To Get In On The Ground Floor

XWIN ICO: Days Left To Get In On The Ground Floor

Only a few days are left to participate in the XWIN ICO, allowing investors to get in on the ground floor of a prominent cryptocurrency betting platform. XWIN is a transparent betting site whose mission is to provide the most convenient platform in the crypto betting industry. More than 9,000 participants have already taken advantage of the opportunity to own a limited number of tokens, of which 80% will be for players and investors. Investors will have early access to the market as well as an opportunity to receive 5% of net income from the XWIN bookmaker. In the case of increased ICO interest from investors, there will be an additional emission of tokens equal to the number of additional investments with a proportional percentage allocation of shares.

Value Escalates

One XWIN now equals 0.005 ETH, as the value continues to escalate as the end of the ICO draws near. At the time of this report, 743.1132 ETH, the equivalent of $3,526,564, 234.7834 BTC has been raised. The ICO has is no hard cap, but it is aiming for around $7.5 million. The token price after the ICO is expected to double or possibly even quadruple. With all of the mayhem taking place in today’s cryptocurrency market, investors can easily be distracted from taking advantage of an opportunity like XWIN. Fortunately, there is still time left before the ICO ends at the end of January.

How The Funds Will Be Distributed

The funds received from the ICO will be distributed as follows: 32% for development;15% for legal expenses; 35% for marketing and advertising; 15% for administration and maintenance; 3% for bounty funds distribution. Each participant of the bounty funds distribution program will receive XWIN tokens.

Smart Contract Governs ICO

Token emission takes place via the purchase of tokens via the smart contract. XWIN tokens from the ICO are sent automatically via the Ethereum smart contract. The smart contract that the XWIN ICO operates on ensures transparency, safety, sustainability, 24/7 control and streamlined investment potential. Registration on the platform and the purchase of tokens will provide players the benefits of ID protection, winnings protection and low fees. Payments will be made from the general fund, which will combine free exchange pricing, commissions and token price increases. The smart contract guarantees the XWIN token price. The platform will deliver margins from 6% to 20% of the betting rate. The margin will be credited to the smart contract account and managed autonomously. The margin will be distributed as follows: 25% to guaranteed payments to the players; 35% to marketing; 20% to administration; 20% to investors. From src

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