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vSport Chain: turn your Sport BlockChain

vSport Chain: turn your Sport BlockChain

Your Sports on BlockChain?

Did you imagine having a Blockchain for Sports?

Here now, introducing the vSport ,the Revolution for Global Sport Industry

So,What is vSports?

vSport is the world’s first fully open, non-profit, and blockchain empowered platform for the sports industry. vSport is the “Ethereum” in the sports domain. It aims at redefining and constructing a revolutionary and self-adapting value system for the sports industry. It builds a disruptive ecosystem and a digital infrastructure for the industry benefiting all parties. Eventually it makes sports return to its essence, belonging to the community, and giving rights and benefits back to the community. This will become the accelerator of innovation and reform of the sports industry.

How vSport will create an ecosystem of sports via Blockchain?

Creation of New Ecosystem of Sports via Blockchain will breakthrough innovation through Revolutionizing benefits distribution model for the sports industry , Decentralizing and self-adapting organization structure ,rerurning to the community essence of sports And a new sports ecosystem.

How will vSports evaluate the system of sports value?

vSport is planning to build a unique self-adapting Evaluation System of Sports Value. This system will be based on the technologies of Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) and Sports Value Evaluation Model (SVEM).

vSport is airdropping 30VSC to those who will join our Telegram Global Community by just leaving your ERC20 Ether Wallet Address. Wallet must not be from exchange.

What is ERC20?

Visit Here :

Visit our Website,Whitepaper also available :

Check out also vSport meets Belgian Football Association Here :

Stay tune! More Updates to come.

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