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Why Ripple (XRP) is better than 1500 other virtual assets: RIPPLE David Schwartz and Stefan Thomas reveal

Why Ripple (XRP) is better than 1500 other virtual assets: RIPPLE David Schwartz and Stefan Thomas reveal

Ripple Stefan Thomas, the CTO and David Schwartz, the chief cryptographer both from Ripple were seen at the fireside chat, Slush Tokyo last week to talk about the internet of value [IoT] and how they discovered Bitcoin on StumbleUpon. Stefan began the chat with a brief history of how he accidentally ended up in the crypto market. He came across Bitcoin which was then the talk of the town and king of the digital currencies world. He always had an understanding towards payments and stuff and BTC promised to provide a solution to all of those and he realized he would fit right in with the advanced technology which made him join a community immediately. Whereas, David has always been associated with cryptography right from initial days with his career. StumbleUpon is a platform where you just tell the engine what you are interested in and it points out what you should look. This is how David stumbled upon Bitcoin while accidentally browsing through the net. He quoted:
“It was just an hour before I realised this was an “aha!” moment that it will probably be the.” next big thing. This totally revolved around cryptography just like the heart of it, being a cryptographer, I immediately joined the community at the time when they were really open and excited.”
This is how they found their way around the Bitcoin community only to end up with the team that owns the world’s 3rd largest currency in the virtual world. Stefan also stated on a lighter note:
“We never realized that Ripple’s history revolves around StumbleUpon. It is funny how both of us found it through StumbleUpon and we never realized to date.”
They say that Bitcoin was a big hit because when there is only one system with a lot of users on it, they tend to charge a lot for transactions and people just have to deal with it because there is no other option. But the times have changed and Internet has a lot more opportunities. Bitcoin world lacked competition and that is why all the flaws were hidden and people just moved on with it. Christos Pittis, a YouTuber commented on the video:
“David should be the king of the decentralized, distributed, secure, scalable, interoperable, frictionless, anti-nostro/vostro ledger of galaxies on the universe. Respect.”
XRP is not the top token or is not below the line when it comes to realistic usage of tokens in terms of speed and efficiency. ‘It is doing a good job’ says, David, while also highlighting some of the unknown additional features of XRP ledger in terms of security. The ledger has a key rotation and a multi-sign built-in. They clarified that XRP should be a priority over the other 1500 digital assets as it has such advanced technology being developed every day by the dedicated team Josh, a Ripple enthusiast tweeted:
“David’s speed and level of thinking is from another planet. A genius Wizard, So much awesome content! Love all the examples and explanation to the questions asked. Ripple is going to be a huge player within the Internet of Value.”
Fred, a market observer says:
“I can see the value could get lower the company is not interested in this value to go up since it cut their propagation to institution etc. And how this happens well very simple they release all the coins need to maintain or lower the price so business partners are happy.”
Thompson, a Redditor commented:
“Once again illustrated the high level of credibility in the Ripple company. Justin and David exude competence, as well as cutting edge insight into this new trailblazing CryptoVerse we live in, and as an investor I find that to be very reassuring. It is obvious from this video and others that there is a lot of vertical communication at Ripple Labs, a trademark of a successful company. All the individual arrows are aligned to form one larger arrow. Really excited for Japan and the opportunities for Ripple and XRP within their domestic banking networks. Japan, Mexico, and the UK are looking more and more like the linchpins to our future success.”
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