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LH Crypto ICO

LH Crypto ICO

The operational income is calculated as a certain proportion of the client payments inflow to the Larson&Holz Crypto broker.
ICO goals
7 things that make our project unique
We already have a working business model. Moreover, we have a long history and a large clientele base. Larson&Holz is not just a web-site, it is a real company. We have been in the market since 2004, there are numerous representative offices and partners in different countries of Asia, Europe and Latin America. The company staff comprises to more than a hundred of highly qualified specialists speaking in 10 different languages. We only need to reorient the effective business-model and the marketing campaign for the crypto-environment. ICO is designed to bring profit to the investors immediately after the PRE ICO stage. This is called “Early Bird Bonus”. Token holders will be able to earn on the appreciation of the market price of the asset and on the fixed part of the incoming funds flow to the crypto broker’s account. It is absolutely parallel to dividend payments. Also, these payments are included into the smart contract. It is called “CASHBACK”. Since we already are an effective and profitable broker, we can provide a unique warranty for our token holders. We can guarantee that the market price will increase by at least 20% within the first year. This is what we call the “Token Rate Insurance System”. Our future clients are active internet users who do not have considerable financial resources and are seeking the opportunities to earn online. Therefore, the huge crypto-currency community is our target audience too. All the factors combined enable us to claim that this project has no parallel in history. Token price appreciation is confirmed by the existing effective business, which has been bringing profits for more than 10 years
What is Larson&Holz IT Ltd?
Larson&Holz is a Forex and Binary options broker. The company works since 2004. The company clients are individuals who trade on the fluctuations of such financial instruments quotations as currency (including crypto-currencies), shares, oil, gold, etc.Any person with the deposit over 10 USD can become a company client. Thanks to the company’s open policies, its database contains hundreds of thousands of accounts of traders from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. The client monthly inflow (the amount of funds transferred by clients to their trading accounts) is over 3 mln USD. (*this fact will be relevant later) You can test the broker’s services on its official site www.lh-broker.com Read more about the brand history on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larson%26Holz
What are these funds for?
We raise funds to create a crypto version of an existing Forex broker. The proceeds are planned to be invested into a separate branch of the broker, where all the operations will be processed in crypto-currencies only.In other words, the clients’ deposits, replenishments, withdrawals and other operations will be processed in crypto-currencies only. At the final stage of the project these transactions will be processed in broker’s tokens. This minor modernization will radically change the broker’s economy Mainly, it will give us access to new markets for our services; it will enlarge our clientele base and will make it easier and cheaper. to make transfers for clients with harsh currency regulations (China, Arab countries, several countries of Latin America). We believe that in a year the new brocker’s business division will outrun its existing prototype and will bring great profits both to its investors and the owners
How can one earn already during the ICO? What is “Early Bird Bonus”?
We have divided the ICO into 3 stages: PRE ICO, ICO и POST ICO. Each of them will take one month. The initial funds will be raised during the first stage. The amount of the raised funds will define the token price. As any other company, we are interested in acquiring the largest amount possible. This is why we want to reward those who invest large sums first. Therefore, we have come to a conclusion that the PRE ICO investors will have our tokens for the lowest price (the exact price is calculated after the PRE ICO), and then the price will go up by 5%, 10%, 15% and 21% each week. Usually ICO owners either take all the profits of price rise or invest them into the project. But we have chosen a different path! Our smart contract implies that the markup for the token price will be distributed among the previous investors. So the 5%-markup will be distributed among the investors who purchased tokens during the PRE ICO stage. The following week the price will go up by 10%, which will be distributed among the PRE ICO tokens holders and those who will have purchased token during the first week of the ICO, etc. Therefore, all the project participants (apart from the final batch) will earn real ethereums, and even before the ICO is over! The reward systems for investors based on the token price markup is called “Early Bird Bonus”.
CASHBACK program
CASHBACK Program is a a fixed proportion of the broker’s operational activity profits which is distributed among the #LHCoin token holders every month.Background: Accepting funds from clients to Forex broker’s accounts is a very expensive process. With bank cards transactions the broker loses about 6% from the deposit amount as a bank commission. Transition to crypto-currencies would allow us to save 5% from each transaction. Larson&Holz would distribute the saved funds among the investors. Note that the CASHBACK amount is not calculated from the broker’s profit: it’s the total of all the clients’ payments to their trading accounts. This means tens of millions of dollars, and the amount will be growing relatively to the number of crypto-traders. This accrual is fully automated and the warranty is given by the smart contract itself.
How are we going to keep the minimal yield for our tokens at the 20% level? What is the Token Rate Insurance System?
Traditionally, investors expect to earn on the increased market value of a token. And what if a token doesn’t go up in price? Usually investors take all the risks. But not in our project! We are so confident about the success of our project that we take the responsibility to keep the yearly profit from our tokens at the level of 20%.The warranty of the minimum profitability is given this way: the broker will provide a Personal Area and will register a real trading account for each ICO investor. This account is registered in MetaTrader as any other account of the broker’s clients. The account can be used just like a conventional trading account, i.e. investors can put a deposit, withdraw funds and make trading deals. Yet the main purpose of this account is to show the purchased tokens and the funds flow connected to the #LHCoin. If a year later, after the #LHCoin token goes to the market, its price will not have increased by at least 20%, then the broker will accrue the shortfall to the investor’s personal account as a bonus, according to the broker’s standard terms. You can change it for any other asset from the broker’s list, trade with it or withdraw it from your account, according to the standard rules and regulations of the broker. This system of keeping the token market price at a certain level is called “Token Rate Insurance System”.
Referral program: How to earn by inviting new investors into the ICO?
You can earn by simply recommending our company. For each investor we pay 3% of the acquired sum in ETH. Or we pay this sum in Bounty tokens (#LHCoin_b) at the ratio 1:10. So if the investor you have invited purchases 100 #LHCoin tokens, then you will receive 10 Bounty tokens (#LHCoin_b). You can choose the type of your reward. Either in crypto-currency (ETH) or in #LHCoin_b tokens. All you need to do to take part in our referral program is to register on our site. After the registration is complete, you will get a 6-digit code. You can attract new investors to the project by sharing the information about our company and posting such link to our site: For instance, your code is 123456, then you need to post the link https://lh-crypto.io/123456 After one follows this link, his or her computer shall be marked with a special code, a so-called cookie. Then later, if this person, i.e. you referral, buys our tokens, you shall be rewarded for it and will see him or her in your Clients Area.
How much do we expect to raise? We have set four goals:
Soft CAP > 1’000’000 USDThis is the minimum amount. If we do not reach this point, all the money shall be automatically returned to the investors’ accounts and the project shall be suspended, for it would mean that the interest to the industry is low. Normal Cap > 5’000’000 USD This amount will allow us to launch the project according to our Roadmap. We shall follow the Roadmap for about a year. Optimal Cap > 10’000’000 USD With more than 10 mln USD raised we will be able to shorten the launch period and will increase the marketing budget, which will help us to win the bulk of the market. Ultimate Cap = 50’000’000 USD If the investments amount to 50 mln, the further token sales shall be suspended, for this amount is more than enough for any marketing expenses and will rocket the broker to the TOP-5 in the shortest possible time. There is no point to raise more funds than we need.
Our team Top-management
Project management
Assistance and Advisers
You can meet Larson&Holz representatives at exhibitions on BlockChain which will take place in the world’s largest cities in 2017-2018
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