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What Are Crypto Whales And Why You Should Fear Them

What Are Crypto Whales And Why You Should Fear Them

whales are investors that have a big impact. They have so much money in cryptocurrencies that they can alternate the market. What if they join to influence the value of coins? That is why it is important to know about them, our future is in their hands. huntingWhaleSounds.jpg

What are whales

Whales are powerful investors. An individual is considered a whale when he is powerful enough to change the value of a coin in a gigantic amount. When you see an extreme and sudden jump on the chart of your coin, it is for sure that there are one or more whales together influencing the value.

How do whales influence the crypto market:

The decision of rising and falling of the values is always between the whales. Imagine that one day five Bitcoin whales come together, they make a decision that they all sell their coins at the same second. This would cause a catastrophic fall, directly after selling their coins they rebuy them. At this point, with the profit they got from selling, they buy more at an incredibly low price. This will bring them more wealth than they already have. If they continue this process they would influence the entire value of Bitcoin.

How to become a whale

It is not necessary to be rich for becoming a whale. At ICO’s big projects sell their tokens for very low prices. If you make a wise decision in such a situation you might become a whale. This is in the case that the token increases a lot in its value, so make sure the project is worth it.

An example of a Whale action

coindesk-bpi-chart-1.png In this chart, we can see how an immense fall takes place in minutes. This drop was caused by a group of whales. I put this example so you see how powerful the whales can be. And this will get worse with the matter of time.


Whales are the biggest animals in the ocean. Or if you prefer, the most powerful investors in the market. I think that there will come up an idea of how to stop them but until now this problem wasn’t the priority. Thanks for reading, follow my account to stay informed.

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