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Cedex ICO: the Diamond-Trading Marketplace On The Blockchain

Cedex ICO: the Diamond-Trading Marketplace On The Blockchain

The small precious stones are relatively rare, which drives their value. The diamond trade is worth about $13bn a year. Diamonds are a valuable commodity. It takes either a lot of wealth or the right social contacts to access trading channels, which leaves the average person out of the diamond game. The current marketplace only allows members of a certain professional and social circle to invest and trade this very profitable commodity. CEDEX is a new ICO that hopes to enable normal people to invest and trade diamonds through a blockchain-based marketplace platform. CEDEX: enabling the tokenization of the diamond commodity Access to diamond trading channels is normally restricted to long-established professionals, so casual traders or investors would not have the same access as they would to other financial investment opportunities, such as shares. CEDEX, in its own words: ‘is a global exchange that focuses on bridging the gap between the traditional diamond industry and the innovative financial markets.’ CEDEX is ‘creating a platform to bring together diamond supply and demand for trading in diamonds.’ Potential traders may wonder how or why they would engage in diamond trading with little or no knowledge of how the diamond market works, and that would be a valid question. CEDEX offers DEX, a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, to assist in the process. DEX rates a given diamond’s asking price by taking a number of factors and creating a benchmark value and a smart contract for every individual precious stone. According to its own marketing blurb, DEX will offer ‘transparency and coherency’ to the diamond financial market. You can try an Alpha version of DEX through the CEDEX site. Get “Notification” bell clicked in the bottom right corner to be notified with updates!
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