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12-year-old CEO solves a gaming problem using blockchain

12-year-old CEO solves a gaming problem using blockchain

George Weiksner, at the age of 12, is the CEO of Pocketful of Quarters, a company that is trying to solve a gaming problem using crypto. He says the idea about the company came to him in September last year after a conversation with his dad about cryptocurrencies in a car ride after school. He gets help to run the company by his co-founder, Michael, who happens to be his dad. He was only eleven years old when he sat down with his dad to discuss how the equity of the company was to be split up. George wanted 80% since it was his idea but his dad insisted on a 50/50 split since he was the one who would build the company up. Michael recalls this decision made George sad and even his mum was pissed off since she claimed the venture was supposed to be fun. After some thinking, George accepted his dad’s proposal as long as he had the final word in making decisions about the company. George is a video game enthusiast who has taken issue with one aspect of his video games. He says whenever he quit playing a game, he would lose all the coins he had earned during the game. This meant he was losing all the work and effort he was putting into games. So when his dad told him about cryptocurrencies, solving the gaming problem using crypto made sense to him. The solution George has is that of creating cryptocurrency for games. A cross-platform crypto token that will be used as an in-game currency. This idea though is reliant on developers buying into the project. The token will go by the name Quarters. It will be built on the ethereum platform and will be available for purchase on Pocketful of Quarters website.

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